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I have kinda left you guys hanging about where I'm going with this whole NPC Bikini Competitor thing, but tonight I'm about to lay down the game plan on ya... so keep me accountable mk!? If you see my hand diving for the brownie plate feel free to lay on the smack down! Jk, but really, do it.

After doing just one show this season, unlike some girls -my fellow Bikini competitor Abby did 4! Go cheer her on at the Empire Classic tomorrow if you're in the Spokane area :)
She beat me at the 2011 NPC All American EFX Big Sky Championships and got 2nd, but she totally deserved to do well. You go girl! Next time though, betta watch out ;)

So here's the dealio, I got sick immediately after the competition (ugh) and actually still have the cough and runny nose, so that put a damper on my momentum, but given how busy school is this semester, and how expensive $$ competing is, I am fine with only doing one show this spring. My plans for future shows are already set though!!

I'm going to take the summer to work on my physique and build muscle - specifically in my glutes, arms, and quads...but pretty much everywhere. I noticed in my pictures that I ams pretty angular when I'm dieted down to competition weight, and I would really benefit from additional muscle on my shoulders, butt and quads to have a s moother curvier look when I'm at low bodyfat.
It's curve buildin' time!
Two Pro Bikini girls who have amazing physiques are Amanda Latona and Nathalia Melo.
Amanda Latona

Nathalia Melo.. My butt is gonna
look like hers after I'm done training!
Yes, I have alot of progress to make before I'm at the level of IFBB Bikini Pros, but I accept the challenge! It's necessary for competition to be really lean to get good muscle definition in my abs, and to get smooth curves through my legs, but I need to go through a phase of BUILD BUILD BUILD before I start a 12 week diet plan for another show.

My Current stats:
I am not really concerned with numbers, but
I do want to increase the size of my arms, glutes,
calves, and quads... and increase weight on my lifts.

I have about 21 weeks until I plan to compete again. Or 5 months. That's plenty of time to make a ton of progress, and I plan to! I'll put up my starting stats I know I can do it if I picture how incredible and accomplished I felt after my 1st show. Here's the shows I plan on doing in the Fall:

21 weeks away… NPC National Qualifier!
★Washington Ironman Bikini
Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom, Snoqualmie, WA

22 weeks away…NPC National Qualifier!
Night of Champions Bikini
Northern Quest Resort, Airway Heights, WA

26 weeks away…
Date still TBA but based on last year...10/29/11
Max Muscle NPC Yellowstone Classic Bikini
Bozeman, MT (TBA)

Training -
I was back in the gym a week after competition and have been consistent with my training ever since. I tried to start training again last Thursday but I hit legs waaayyy too hard to be coming off a cold and I made it worse. I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks! I have been following this workout since getting healthy again, and I have aready gone up on Shoulder Press 5lbs! Reppin' the 30lbs now :)

- 5 Day Muscle Building Split-
Volume: Medium-high
Sets: 3 per exercise
Reps: 7-11
Rest: 1 minute between each set

Monday: Chest/Calves:   
  • Flat dumbbell press
  • Dips
  • Hammer strength incline press
  • Dumbbell pullovers
  • Decline Barbell press
  • Cable flyes
  • Machine flyes
  • Machine calf raises
  • Seated Calf raises
  • Dumbbell calf raises

Tuesday: Back:  
  • Deadlifts
  • Cable pulldowns
  • T-bar rows
  • EZ bar pullovers
  • Machine Rows
  • Close grip pulldowns
  • One arm dumbbell rows
  • Hypextensions
  • Seated cable row

Wednesday: Quads/Hams:    
  • Front Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extensions
  • Dumbbell step ups
  • Lunges
  • Aductions
  • Abductions
  • Standing leg curls
  • Barbell stiff-legged deadlifts
  • Lying leg curls

Thursday: Delts/Traps:    
  • Seated overhead dumbbell press
  • Machine press
  • Dumbbell side-laterals
  • Cable bent-over laterals
  • Barbell upright rows
  • Cable row to the neck
  • Dumbbell shrugs
  • Behind the back barbell shrugs
Friday: Off (or BodyRock)

Saturday: Biceps/Triceps/Forearms:    
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Lying tricep extensions
  • Dumbbell preacher curl
  • V bar tricep pressdowns
  • Incline curls
  • Overhead dumbbell extensions
  • Dumbbell wrist curl
  • Dumbbell wrist extensions

Sunday: Abs + Cardio 30 min

Diet -
After a couple days of stuffing my face with anything and everything I thought I was craving, I am back on track and have been eating clean for the last week. There's a weird thing about being conscious that you're on a competiton diet, suddenly you crave all sorts of crap (for me it was bbq chicken, pizza, ice-cream, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, Reeses, chips and pop) that you never wanted before. I never get food cravings, and I always have eaten pretty clean... but something about knowing you defintely can't have it makes your brain go nuts.

So I got that outa my system by eating my fill of ice-cream pie, bbq chicken strips and cookies... and now I am sooo back to oatmeal, chicken and spinach salad, protein shakes, and my beloved sweet potato and pumpkin with greek yogurt. Life is so much better with a plan, and with a solid nutritional plan.
With my new goal of building muscle, versus my pre-competition goal of staying lean and losing any last little bit of fat I had, I am increasing my calorie intake from aroung 1700cal/day to 2,200-1,800cal/day depending on my activity level that day. For example, on legs day I will be at the high end, but on abs/cardio day or rest days I'll be on the low end. Optimally, I will make mostly lean muscle gains with the least fat gains possible. I am kinda going against my grain by trying to gain weight so this is hard to wrap my head around!

So that's the plan... Thanks for taking interest in my goals :)
I leave you with my new favorite workout song: <

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