Friday, March 4, 2011


Hey friends,
Spring in in the air! Can you feel it? The weather has reached that coat-optional temperature, the sidewalks actually have patches without ice, and I don't have to scrape a mountain of snow off my car every time I wanna go anywhere... Live is good :)
Also adding to the awesome-ness that is sprouting up all around us is Spring Break coming up right around the corner. Can you believe it's only 7 more days till freedom for a week!!?!? Yahoo! I hope you have something fun planned to reward yourself for all that hard work you've been doing in school lately ;)

Some of you are probably starting a bit early with the Spring Break attitude with MulletFest coming up. I will pass on drunken-muddy-cold-softball but if that's your thing then go get 'em ha-ha. I gotta say the guys who went with the classic hairdo are pretty brave souls... that will never be flattering on anyone :/ Easy fix though....

Anyways, I just have to share what I'll be up to this Spring Break. Hint, it involves water slides, shore excursions, a giant floating playground, white sandy beaches, a glowing tan (hopefully!). Also known as nothing but relaxation....


More specifically to Nassau, Orlando, St Maartens and St Thomas. :D I Have never left the country, much less do something this cool so I am sooooo excited. It's gonna be epic I assure you.

I'm going with a big group of friends from Tech (and one from USNA...) and we'll leave next Friday to drive down to Salt Lake City to fly off to Florida where we depart. We're cruisin' for 7 glorious days...

I can feel the sunshine now.

~Headed Outa Town?
Here's All You Need For A Fabulous Trip!
Please don't end up in the news.... the stories of college kids getting kidnapped or gone missing on Spring Break are so tragic.

Fashion Fix for the Tropics:
I am sooo loving this suit. It reminds me of Katy Perry, one of my fashion inspirations for this year!
photo from: Urban Outfitters
My favorite from this set is the "Dinner With The Girls" look. Fierce dress, yes?

Photo Courtesy of: College Fashion
Gotta love Victoria's Secret swimsuits! I particularly like the one with leopard trim and a cross front. Very unique.

Photo Courtesy of: College Fashion
Of course you must wear more than just swimsuits :)... so the other essentials are on the packing list too!

~Staying Home?
No Worries! A Stay-cation has Perks too:

Whatever you do for Spring Break, make the most of it! Lets push through this last week of school so we can get started :)

All the best,

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  1. Recommending Zumba for spring break is pretty weak sauce. You could at least push for P90X, Ultimate frisbee, or better yet Xbox live :-).

    Here's another easy fun recipe if you feel creative:
    Substitute Nutmeg for the salt and top it off with some greek yogurt instead of syrup.