Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recipes, Rainbows and Running

Hi Guys, 

Gorgeous view from campus on Friday

I hope all of you had a great weekend.

I really enjoyed going for a bike ride yesterday out behind Montana Tech. It was so calm and peaceful, but I still returned with my legs burning and a good sweat goin'.

I've been out there before, but I regained my curiousity about the trails after I did MTech's Cross Country 5K Fun Run with my friends on Friday evening, so I decided to go explore even more!!
Saturday morning I got up bright and early @ 5:30am referee a Volleyball tournament. It was worth waking up so early and blowing air through a little piece of plastic hundreds of times because I get so much joy out of interacting with the girls.

They're so much fun to be around (even in they are giddy, or cry about breaking a nail from time to time). Since I've been doing it for a little while now, it's cool so see how much better they've gotten since last year.
Happy to be there! (just had coffee hehe)

The girls doing what they love

Yesterday I also did this workout: "600 Rep Sexier Body Workout"
It took me 44minutes, and I had to do half the pushups from my knees as I am not strong enough to do them all full yet.
I substituted Plank and Side Planks for Chest Raise because I hurt my lower back on Wednesday. I think I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve... bending forward stretching my lower back hurts.

I powered through by listening to my new favorite workout song:

Since I found BodyRock,  I've been doing the workouts consistently, So, I decided I would also follow the "5 Week Diet Challenge" Zuzana is starting too! If you'd like to join me you might want to read this article too:  "How to Eat 5 Times a Day"

To easily apply this new diet approach to your life,
here's a really good recipe: "Protein Balls"
I know I've been posting alot from this website lately, which is something I do when I get excited about a new interest :). I hope I'm not boring you, but then again you did choose to read my blog so you must not find it too boring haha.
Over the last couple weeks, I've learned alot about listening to my body, and treating it well. What have I learned? Well, I must stress the importance of stretching both before and after excersise. Your 'before' stretching need not be extensive because you haven't gotten your muscles warm yet, but your post-workout stretch is very important to get all the benefits from sweating your butt off. (Think: If you skip your pre-workout warmup, and your post-stretch you're missing 2/3 of the benefits from working out!) I believe if I'd stretched better after my workout on Monday and after all those single leg squats I might not have hurt my back. Live and learn!

I'm still doing my squats to a low chair, but someday I will be doing this ^

I'll leave you with a little inspiration and some cuteness to make you smile : D


I'm off to do homework so that's all for now friends! <3


  1. Great Post Ruthie. I sent the protein balls to the wife and told her we need to try them. I am always stealing food from her drawer at the gym after I workout for recovery. That is awesome that you help by being a ref for volleyball. On Thursday I have been helping our women at church with volleyball. Plus, we have been doing youth flag footballs on a couple saturdays. It is fun to ref. I love it when the Dads play.
    Have a great week Doug

  2. Thanks Doug! I bet Ramona is not too excited that you've been stealing her food. She always had lots yummy treats there tho s I don't blame you :). How is she doing? Hopefully she's been taking better care of all her appendages (not letting her fingers get squished :( @ bench press). Sounds like you've been keeping busy/ fit, I miss all my gym buddies!
    Take care,