Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take A Hike

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone's week was stellar, and you maybe even got out of a class or two for homecoming. I had two classes canceled on Friday for the bed races so I am a happy camper. My week started out a bit rough... chalk that one up to Circuits lab, lots of work, a bunch of little things that just seem to add insult to injury! But, I'm grateful to end on a happy note, nice weather, a football game AND... my boyfriend Joey will be in town from Washington :D. I haven't seen him since a couple weeks before school started so I am very happy to spend some time with him.

As I type I am so sore from this week's new addition of the BodyRock interval style workouts. Short but sweet, I haven't ever been this sore after only working out for half an hour. I have yet to master one leg squats (shown below)... but I shall!
If you're not familiar with them, here's what you do:
Squat all the way down on one leg. Then without touching anything with your hands or placing your lifted leg down, push back up to a standing position. If you can master this I see a bubble butt booty in your future ha-ha. And you've definitely earned my respect!

I hope the nice weather keeps up, and I really just wanted to write today to share with you some pictures I took this weekend while I was hiking to the Lookout Tower just below Red Mountain. Nature has definitely been displaying it's full glory :)

Up on campus @ Tech about to head out for the hike!

I love taking pictures of flowers, they're so gorgeous up close
I don't know what lake this is, but it's up in the mountains off
the old highway to Whitehall, I challenge you to go try to find it :)

A scenic shot on the way up to the trailhead
My gosh this soo reminded me of the Lord of the Rings!
I had no idea it looked like this at the top of the mountain.

The wind was so intense I could have taken off!
It was all worth it though, because there was a
magical pony at the end of the journey!
... just kidding (did make you think tho, no?)
The way back down was so much faster I had time for a
photo op with this beautiful specimen of a tree. Ok so it's not
pretty at all... Pretty knarly huh?

Headed home to a cup of coffee and a hot tub. The perfect end to a perfect day :)

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my adventure! I hope I could put a smile on your face today :) I have just a few closing thoughts, in case your week was a little tough like mine~

I recommend training to be a secret agent. Yes really! Happiness is an inside job.

When you have been wronged, a poor memory is your best response!

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