Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take a few- To honor the Few.

Ahhh, tonight marks the start of our "second weekend" of the weekend. It's Sunday night... but in a way it's also Friday night because we still get 2 more days of school free time. Have I mentioned how much I love economic summits!? Yup I think I have, but maybe if I say it enough we'll have a repeat in our near future. One can dream.

As you all know, yesterday was the anniversary of 9-11. I'm sure you've all heard that "you'll never forget where you were, when you heard the news that the planes hit the towers."
I'm sure there's the exceptions, but I do remember what I was doing: I was vaccumming the stairs. Not very epic I know.

What is epic however, is the surge of partiotic gusto with which Americans came together to save who we could from the reckage, and revenge those who were lost.
I would like to personally thank all those who shed their blood, sweat, tears, and some even their lives- in selfless sacrifice. We all owe you so much, and we will never forget. May God bless all the families left behind of those not still with us.

America then got behind the cause of defeating terrorism everwhere once and for all. I strongly beleive in the principle that,

"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere."

Martin Luther King Jr said this many years ago when another grave injustice was terrorizing America. This quote is much more than just an idea, for many- like those serving in the armed forces- it is a way of life. It is the driving force to get up every day striving to be the best you can be, and work together so every day is one day closer to ridding the world of all the injustice that surrounds us. These people deserve our deepest honor and respect, because that's what they're giving us by their service. To all these people, like my brother- Matthew (Marines), my boyfriend- Joey and my friend- Carl (Navy), my father (retired Air Force), and everyone else in any branch of the Military- thank you!

As some of you know, my brother just graduated as a Marine, and is in Combat Training as I type this, learning how to defend our precious freedoms which we so often take for granted. I am at a loss for words to even express how much I respect him for enduring all the screaming drill seargeants,

4am wake up calls, 30 mile hikes with pnemonia, and overall intensity of Marine Boot Camp, to graduate not only with the honor, title, and responsibility of being a US Marine, but with greater moral character and a holds himself to a general higher standard, as well as those around him.

Lol... check him out, still rockin' his goofy side :p

The US Marine Corps enforces the following Core Values. These Core Values bind every Marine, and from what I have witnessed from my interactions with former Marines, (like my friend Al @ PSNS) it becomes instilled as a lifelong duty to one's self and country. "There's no such thing as an ex-Marine". There's three major elements, or parts, and these are:

  • Commitment- This is the dedication and determination that is central to the core of all Marines. Their motto: "Semper Fidelis" means always faithful, and they are.  

  • Honor- This is the requirement that the Marine Individual will choose to show and observe basic respect, respect for self, and respect for others, as well as a high standard of moral and ethical behavior. Honesty and Character are the vital parts of honor and the realization that you are responsible to show honor.

  • Courage- The strength to face fear any fears that you may have, and the skills and training to overcome those fears. Marines have a strong warrior ethos, and the skills and military bearing every Marine learns are central to their performance.

Gosh... it's kinda hard to think about out trip to San Diego to MCRD and look at all our pictures. We had such a blast. I miss him so much!

Of course, as I have mentioned, Joey is in the Navy, which means he works closely with the Marines- as the Marines and Navy colaborate on many missions and objectives. Therefore, he holds himself to the save level of excellence, and I honor and respect him to the same degree as my brother :) I <3 my sailor!

Here's a few awesome Military videos you can watch if you so desire:

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