Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Days Off... 4 Days On... 4 Days Off!

~Good evening all,

How was your long weekend? I saw some of you out at the Dillon rodeo scene, and from what I could tell you were having a pretty good time :). Shout out to my Tech "Butte-ies": Allyse, RJ, Brett, Sam, Dani, Mandy and Kaysi. If you didn't make the shout out list that means you were too drunk and embarrassing to want to admit I know... Just kidding! Sort of :p. (See RJ, I am nice to you sometimes...haha.)

The world would be a better place if more people were from Kansas. Ok, so that makes no sense yet... Let me explain. My friend, Crystal, is from Kansas and she is quite possibly the nicest girl you'll ever meet.
R to L: Crystal, Leeza and I back in the "glory days"

She's a blast, completely honest, and will always make the best out of every situation. You know the kind of person you just know is gonna do great things?.. Be successful no matter what life throws at them, and somehow not become jaded in the process? Yeah, that's Crystal. I'm so stoked she's my friend, and braved the perilous Dillon bar scene with me. Leeza was there too, which is a guarantee it'll be fun! I love my friends :)

Being 21 may be new to me, as my birtthday was on August 19th...

You may not be able to tell, but there is Woody and Buzz on my cake. You know it's awesome! 
My actual birthday was while we were in San Diego, not @ home like in the picture, but my brother Graduating Marine Boot Camp was way more important so we postponed the festivities till we got home to Whitehall. (More on the Marines/San Diego trip to follow but I'll keep it short and sweet this time.)

Anywho, about being 21...

Let me just say, bars are highly overrated. Who wants to get stuffed like sardines into a tiny stinky bar, screamed at in the face by a drunken cowboy (which he no doubt considers casual conversation by this point on the intoxication scale), where the only momentary escape is to execute a rescue mission on your friend (who unfortunately is undergoing the same cycle)? Here is where it's pretty lucky to have couple equally drunk guy friends to keep creepers away.

Also: Don't wear white to a blacklight bar, unless you want to immediately become the bull's eye of all sharp shootin' prowler's within a twenty foot radius. No, "Did I die and go to Heaven? Because you look like an angel...." has never worked as a pickup line, and in my opinion, never will (Sorry old scruffy dude lol). I'll leave you with those words of the wise haha. Ponder their deeper life meaning this week, you may find this knowledge of my bar-capades will come in handy for the coming weekend. I for one however, will be finding some other activities. I really wanna see a movie, ok so like three actually. Anyone seen this these and have reviews? I think they all look awesome!

Woot woot for a short school week!! I officially love economic summits.

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