Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holy Life-Changes Batman!!

Competing, Moving, New Job...

I can't even begin to re-cap the changes in the last 2 weeks! To explain my bad blogger absense, I blame the rediculous number of life changing events I have recently undergone. Which are:

~ Moving to Bremerton, WA (permanently!? Gasp)

~ Owning my very first piece of furniture (okay, not a life change... but I am just so proud lol. It's a bed in case you were wondering)

~ Competing in and WINNING my class at Jr Nationals (see next bullet...)


~ Officially becoming a paid Mechanical Engineer of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Being in 4 states in 4 days can make your head spin :-O I am STILL trying to adjust to the Seattle-style weather over here, the plethora of trees, and the absence of my friends and family (tear). All is well though and this is a GOOD thing that I moved; it's just always hard to adjust to a new environment.

In case you are curious, pictures from Jr. Nationals where I earned my Pro card and became an IFBB Pro Bikini athlete are available here: Ruthie Harrison Bikini Athlete Fan Page, under the Album "Jr. Nationals." Please "like" my page and "share" it too if you would be so kind ;)

I hope everyone has had a good end to June, the 4th of July is almost here!! Is it seriously that far into summer!? Goodness time flies :)

~ Ruthie

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