Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bombshell SUPER-Camp

Hey hey ya'll!

I hope every one is having a great weekend. Who's stoked it's a 3-day weekend!? Silly question... I know I'm definitely excited for an extra day to catch up. Especially since I was away last weekend and got a LOT of laundry and food prep, homework, and work to catch up on.

Speaking of being away, I was in Daytona, FL at Team Bombshell Supercamp.

Think of it as 3 intense days of boot camp style workouts, posing, stage makeup lessons, modeling and media marketing lectures, Q&A with IFBB Pro girls, a fabulous dinner, new friends...

"Give me 20 pop squats!!" Coach V. got our butts in gear (literally)
and made us earn our Saturday night banquet dinner

Plyo time!

My group after running the bridge, TWICE!

More plyos...

Finally a short rest to listen to a lecture on modeling in fitness magazines!
All that, AND a new suit! The amazing CJ of CJ's Elite suits is making me not one, but TWO new suits for the upcoming season!! (the details are secret until we get closer to competition time ;) ) She is THE BEST choice to get your bikini or figure competition suit. She does all the Pros, basically everyone: Diana Graham, Heather Nappi, Vannessa Campbell, Jaime Baird, Nicole Nagrani, India Paulino... the list goes on! I am so so blessed and CJ is sponsoring me and upgrading me to "bling the $h!t out of my suit" from the basic one I ordered. Her suits are expensive, and I couldn't afford the really elaborate ones but God has his ways and I am blessed to get one even though I can't afford it!

Another amazing blessing was being awarded "Most Improved Bikini Bombshell of 2011" by my flippin' awesome coach, Shannon Dey. It's all because of her I came this far since joining in May 2011 and I can't WAIT to see what 2012 brings!
I <3 this woman so much, she's the best
coach I could ever ask for and is loving, hilarious,
hard-working, and beautiful to boot!

The whole trip was a huge blessing actually. I had SUCH a blast, grew closer to my Bombshell teammates, learned how to pose a bazzillion times better, and learned a ton about the modeling industry, networking, working booth at expos, how to work with photographers, how to be a good example/role model, "branding" yourself, and most importantly... how to enjoy the whole process! Jaime Baird had a great lecture about finding your joy along the path to your goals and making the journey enjoyable for your loved ones too.

Jaime Baird is a truly beautiful woman inside and out

I love going to camp because I get to bond with my friends/teammates and make new friends too. That is one of the best parts of competing being on Team Bombshell. It's like a family. We all love, support, and cheer each other on which makes it all so so much easier when we get home and have to face life's challenges, temptations and set-backs. Life is better with back up!!

New friends and re-united friends!
I'm in the middle in the black dress

My roomie and WA homie Mary and I

My other roomie and homegirl Leslie :)

Bombshell NorthWest girls!! We're all from WA, ID, or MT.. and
we're taking the world by storm ;) Watch out!
After camp was over my roomies, Mary and Leslie, and my friend who just graduated Montana Tech where I still go, Danielle, went to this cool little town called St. Augustine to sight-see and explore. It was such a cute little town! Apparently it's the oldest town in America and was established by Spanish explorers way way back. There's a fort, cathedrals, and cool old buildings all over the place- integrated into new shops and restaurants. Defintely check it out of you're ever arounf Daytona, FL. It's just about 30 min up the coast.

That's all! Until next time my friends... be blessed!!

~ Ruthie

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