Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: Eye of the PUMA

Alright folks, I am posting with as much energy and motivation as the Energizer bunny on a trampoline lol... so hold onto your horses!!

It. Is. On.
I am thrilled with how 2011 went (and it's not even over!) and I am gonna attack 2012 with the expectation of more GREAT things to happen. Anything is possible with GOD, PERSISTENCE, and SUPPORT. I hope you're not offended by this, but it's kinda exactly how I feel haha:

Yup. Come to momma 2012!! lol. 2012 will be the year I FINISH Engineering school, move to Washington, compete at the NPC National level, go PRO, get published in a main-stream fitness magazine, and get a major supplement company sponsorship.

Yup, I said it... so it shall be done! How do I plan on doing all this? Well first off, 2011 was a huge year for me and my spiritual growth and I plan to continue to grow even more (more on this later though). It was definitely painful growth in 2011, I learned alot the "hard way" and through "trials and tribulations" and even if 2012 is just as hard: bring it on!! I will work to build certainty in my ability, persistence in my efforts, and willpower to overcome my diet woes of inconsistency and extremes (self-inflicted).

First stop? I'm going to Vegas for a photo shoot with photographer Bobby Black on Janurary 15th. Bobby is a person friend of Jamie Eason and does all her appearances/ expo/ fan photos when she travels.

I met him at the Olympia when I went, and we've been wanting to work together ever since. I'm thrilled it's finally happening! I'm still looking for ideas/inspirations for the shoot.... any ideas?
Here's some of his work:

Next: I must nail down which National show I wanna do to get some experience with the National judges, and then which Pro Qualifier I wanna do. Here's the two most likely options, but I am still not sure:  

2012 NPC PITTSBURGH CHAMPIONSHIPS - May 5, 2012 Pittsburgh, PA

NPC USA Bikini Championships (IFBB Pro Qualifier) - July 27-28, 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada

**To see the Eastern line-up of shows see here: Bev Francis Contest Schedule**

This is key: HAVE FAITH in your ability

To know how far I'll go... here's where I start, progress pics as of today:

"Eye of the Puma" is what Kinjal and I like to call working super hard and focusing on doing whatever it takes to get lean, mean, and supa fit! We call it that because of Puma athletics and how freaking amazing it would be to be in their ad campaigns as a fitness model. So eye of the puma will be the matra, and the method will be just winning each day. So far so good. Today is Day #1 of super clean diet, sleeping enough, drinking tons of water, taking my supplements, and keeping high intensity in my cardio and lifting. One day, one meal, one bite, one workout, one rep... at a time. For today... Cardio: check, food prep: check, weights at 3pm!

I have about 3 weeks to go till my photoshoot... Let's do it!! I'd love to know, what're your fitness goals for 2012 and what personal doubt/bad habits/baggage to you plan to leave behind in 2011 to accomplish them?

As always, blessings,
~ Ruthie


  1. go get em...tigah....2012 is y/our fitness goal for this year? is to put yours to shame...

  2. You Look AMAZING!! Keep it up, whatever you're doing, it Works!