Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking the High Road

Hello all, first let me express the deepest gratitude to everyone who reached out to me about my last post, "Food Fight." I sincerely appreciate how warmly it was accepted; but how could I ever expect anything less than amazing from my incredible friends! I was so nervous to post about such a personal and sensitive issue, but I was welcomed with open arms. Thank you thank you :)

My friend Kim suggested I read the book, "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeurst. And I am DEFINITELY going to! I only read the sample chapter and the "Healthy Eating Go-To Scripts" but I am already convinced this is gonna be a great book. Why? Because Lysa's solution is not to tap into our own strength, but to tap into God as the strength to conquer any and all food disorders. I know that Jesus would love to help me overcome my struggles, and to crave HIM instead. I want to make food a healthy part of my life instead of an agonizing and frustrating. I just have to learn how to let Him be my joy.

Here's a little excerpt from Lysa's blog about "When the End Goal Seems too Hard",

Big things are built one brick at a time.
Victories are achieved one choice at a time.
A life well lived is chosen one day at a time.
Dear Lord, I know that with You, victory is indeed possible. Day by day and choice by choice. Help me to believe this truth today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Man did that hit home...

Speaking of uphill battles, Leana, and I had an epic hike on Saturday... after we finally found a trail head! I kid you not, we drove around and looked for a trail for over 3 hours lol. We started hiking at like 6pm, after initially expecting to leave at 11am. Bahaha.... I should've know better knowing my late-ness tendencies :p But the end of the day we were so desperate to find anything to hike on... "We just wanna hike!"

Leana is my accountability partner for late night eating, we both struggle with having a healthy relationship with food  but we're getting better with each other's help. Last night wasn't perfect for me, so I texted Leana to keep her from making the same mistake... and it worked! Teamwork baby :) I reminded her that the moment of pleasure found in eating does even come close to overcoming the associated guilt thereafter. The most powerful tool we use is texting Bible verses to each other.

Leana and I tackled the trails together,
one step at a time. Just like our food fight :) 

We had a great time getting groceries (cheap asparagus!) and trail snacks, finding amazing deals on scarves (2/$5!), and escaping awkward encounters with flirtatious old men (ew) though.

Here's our adventure in pictures~

El cheapo :)

Teensy tiny shopping carts... I look giant!

Somewhere around here there's a trail...

... Maybe over by that cabin?

Found a trailhead!! And hey it's only 6pm :p

Twinsies portrait

It felt so good to finally hit the trail! This is actually
 a rare shot :p ... I led most of the time. And we
didn't even get lost ha-ha.

We ended up on the Grey Wolf Trail, good nuff!

And lookie what we found! God's
 great outdoors :) breathe it in. Ahhh.

Scenic view of a bazzillion trees

My daddy's favorite flower, daisies.

Bright n' Beautiful Berries

We happened upon a centipede...

.... a supa fast centipede! Just kidding,
I just moved my camera accidentally. But I like it.

Can you see the face? Theres' a smiley
face hidden in the bark.

I thought it was interesting to see such vibrantly
colored leaves this early in the year. Fall already?

Hmmm, which was to home?

Leana identified this as a "banana slug," I call it a loogie.

Purty purple flowers.

It was a great day :) Tonight I'm pooped though, leg day at the gym and a looonnnggg day at work. Bed is callin' my name, goodnight and sweet dreams.

~ Ruthie


  1. Looks like you girls had fun, great photos. So glad you two have each each other and are tapping into the power of our Lord Jesus =)


  2. Ruthie~ I had SUCH a blast with you!!! The whole Trip was a real journey and it ended with a (grocery outlet ripeness) cherry on top! ;)