Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Share... Beauty

Good morning friends <3

I have decided to start having recurring posts  on my blog, the first one is going to be "Sunday Share." I think this will give my blog a little structure (which is always good in life, as my crazy-hectic schedule had taught me), and give you guys something to look forward to and expect!

Please give me your feedback and thoughts on the new addition :)
I plan to have a different theme every week, this week's theme is: Beauty.
As you scroll down you will find things pictures, words, quotes or links to things that have the quality of beauty. This will be fun!

courtesy of Melissa Gee via Facebook

I consider my friend, Abby, to be not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside too. Her soul is free and lovely, yet determined and powerful at the same time. Her beauty is in the perfect matching of all her traits, talents, and dreams. She competes in the NPC Bikini division as well, as in Nationally Qualified like me. (Due to that determination to reach her dreams...)
Check out her blog here: The Bikini Competitor.

Another beautiful woman is my coach, Shannon Dey, her beauty is most profoundly evident in her confidence and the way she "uses her beauty for good not evil" as she would say.

Every day she posts to Facebook an inspiring truth to encourage the women she is leading to their dreams in the fitness world. Thank you Shannon!

The purest forms of beauty are not to be seen... but are within the soul. A close second would be a tie between God's design of the human body and His design of nature. This photo is an artistic capture of both:

~ Beauty in nature...

Have a Beautiful Sunday :)


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