Friday, July 8, 2011

Training Tweaks

~ Happy Friday :D
This morning's post is about some of the changes I've made in my life recently. While I did make a lot of the changes due to my Bikini competition training, I really needed to make some of the changes no matter what I am currently going through in my life. Live and Learn... and if you blog, Share! 

~ My coach and I have made some tweaks to workouts, and I have applied my will-power with full force to my diet plan and mental stamina. 2011 NPC WA Open Championships is in... 15 days!

 How I've Focused my Efforts for Competition Prep:

  1) I workout like there's no tomorrow (and no "Cardio #2 later...)
  --  My coach said it perfectly in her 'Quote of the Dey' on Facebook:

"Going through the motions will not spark change!"

True that Momma. I have been thinking "recklessly" treating each workout as my last. No, that doesn't mean I've been killing myself by adding miles or extra exercises (or not wiping down the equipment after I'm done ha-ha). This just means I am present and focused on exactly what I am doing in that moment. Each rep of Squat Jumps and each stride on the Cybex Arc can bring me hat much closer to a winning physique if I put my mind to the muscle.


  --  A benefit of working out "in the moment" is I don't stress myself out thinking about how many sets I have left or how many more minutes I have to log on the stair-stepper. Worry = Wasted Energy. Now that energy goes to good use fueling my workout :)

  2) I quit "faking it"
  --  Out goes the artificial sweeteners (even 'natural' Stevia), the Sugar Free   syrup I was putting in my oatmeal, the Sugar Free pudding mix I occasionally added to my smoothies for a thicker texture, the Sugar Free/Fat Free Popsicles I'd have when I woke up in the middle of the night to 'natures call,' and any other miscellaneous sauces or condiments.

  --  My teammate, IFBB Bikini Pro Ali Rosen, talked about the dangers of "faking it" on her blog too, read it here: Sweet Never Seemed So Sour.

Ali obviously knows a thing or two
about how to eat for a killer body!
  --   I also cut out my beloved workout supplement Jack3d, and Creatine. These are two workout supplements I LOVE but aren't good for me at this time in my training. Jack3d is mostly caffeine, with some Creatine and other ingredients shown to benefit muscle growth and recovery as well; but it is a processed product; therefore, no more!

  --  Benefits? Less cravings!! Hallelujah. I actually don't miss them at all, and I feel good knowing I'm not cheating with these 'calorie free' alternatives. Another benefit is my abs are so much flatter! No bloating, and no gas (ummm, not like I ever had any before...) My body will be running like a well oiled machine with out all the synthetic additives floating around. Put good in, get good out!

  3) I'm eating exclusively "on-plan" 
  --  This may seem like a no brainer, but I am making sure I only eat what's on my diet plan. it's easy to grad an extra handful of baby carrots here; a few extra ounces of chicken while doing meal prep there; then maybe two Popsicles instead of one; you get the picture... when you're eating 6 meals a day there's a lot of chances to eat just a little too much... which adds up. Eating "on-plan" is more than eating what's written in the email I get from Coach Momma Bombshell every month. It's eating only that, only how much is listed, and eating the meals in their entirety, together.

  -- A benefit of this is I actually sleep better now that I quit eating in the middle of the night when I wake up. Who knew! I just drink some water now instead. Another perk of watching my food volume? I don't run out of spinach near as fast. Also I don't spend $$ on expensive soy/almond milk because it's not on my plan. More $$ to spend on shopping! Jk jk...Speaking of spending...

  4) I'm spending more "quality time" 
  -- It is definitely super stressful to watch every little thing I eat and to work out like there's no tomorrow; in the past, my remedy had been a frantic-self-sabotaging food binge. Good for my "plan?" No. Good for my self esteem? No. Good for anything? NO!
  --  Now I am making an effort to be kind to myself and nourish my body with things other than food. For example, last night I spend 20 blissful minutes in the steam room after plyos.

Can you say "ahhh spa?"
I've also been nourishing my spirit by starting a short Bible study that will finish the day of my competition: 21-Day Plan for Busy Women: A Rich and Satisfying Life. The best therapy is Jesus :)

) I've been SLEEPING
  --  This one is so simple. Night = No TV, no distractions, no snacking, no Facebook(!) . Get into bed and turn off the lights. Like my dad says: "Get your beauty sleep... 8 hours; 9 if you're ugly."
Ooo 'la snooze :)
   --  Sleeping enough is vital for people who are doing intense exercise because that's when we recover. Other Benefits include having more energy, being more focused during the day, and keeping your hormones (like the ones that make you want to EAT) in check. Tons of scientific research shows that Sleep Makes Your Skin Better too. Bonus!

~ So that's what's new with me and my Bombshell life...
Make today the day you get one step closer to a goal. Pick one think and Just Do It (as Nike would say). Speaking of Nike, in the picture below check out my new kicks with MUCH better foot support so I won't repeat my little Achilles fiasco. I'm back to work to do more of this:

Have a great Friday guys!

xoxo Ruthie

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