Thursday, April 28, 2011


Let me just say if you have never seen the original Lord of the Rings spoof video this will make no sense to you... but I can't have you not getting in on the joke so here it is :)

Boil em', mash em' stick em' in a stew!!

Oh yeah :p.. Ok, so the reason I'm turning your brain to mashed "taters" with random you-tube videos is I want to share with you my latest creation. For Strengths Lab this semester for some reason our final project was a potato gun :).... Ah yes, I sometimes wonder what is at work in some of our professor's minds. Check out our spiffy spud-gun we made My team was Andy Mill, Devin Lake, and Mike Baldwin (not pictured), and yours truly of course :)



Devin and Andy were really good
 at sizing the "bullets" aka taters

Here it is in action - our own tater videos :)

Well I hope you enjoyed learning all the great things you can do with spuds, I bet Idaho is proud.

Till next time !  Ruthie

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